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836 Technologies was founded in 2006 by Ken Slater and Brian Freeman with the goal of designing and developing products that increase the efficiency of law enforcement by fulfilling the specific needs of the law enforcement community.

With Ken having been on his departments Critical Incident Negotiations Team since 1999 and Brian being a member of his department's SWAT team, both Ken and Brian have experienced these needs firsthand. The focus of our first product line was to revolutionize critical incident and hostage negotiations with the CINT Commander™. It truly encompasses all facets of critical incident and hostage negotiations and it is the only product of its kind.

We not only manufacture the best hostage negotiation and tactical equipment, we also use it.

Our Products

CINT Commander™

"I've been on our negotiations team since 1989. We've used several systems since that time and the CINT Commander™ is by far the easiest to use. It is very comprehensive and we wouldn't go back to anything else."

- Sgt. John Basalto, San Joaquin County Sherriff's Office

836 Tactical Phones

836 Technologies is setting new standards in quality and performance with the release of our new line of 836 Tactical Phones. We have designed a premier system that encompasses rugged military grade equipment with state-of-the-art technology. The quality and capabilities of the 836 Tactical Phones are unmatched by any other throw phone on the market.

Night Ops™

The patent pending Night OPS™ Blackout System is the only device that uses state of the art technology to help prevent your officers from being detected when they arrive on scene. This item is sold to law enforcement only.


The Kerm-Lock™ was designed by active law enforcement officers to give them a rapid rail mounted lighting platform upon rifle deployment. The Kerm-Lock™ URA mounts to standard AR-15/M-4 style hand guards within seconds, without tools or modifications.

836 is proud to sponsor

Urban Shield
  • 2013 Diamond Scenario Sponsor – Dallas, TX
  • 2012 Diamond Scenario Sponsor – Austin, TX
  • 2011 Scenario Sponsor – Alameda County, CA

Latest News

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Upcoming Event

  • Midwest Crisis Negotiators conference, Columbus OH, Sept 3-5th
  • California Association of Hostage Negotiators conference, Garden Grove, CA, Sept 22-26th
  • Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators conference, San Antonio, TX, Nov 10-14th