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After bringing hostage negotiators into the 21st century with the CINT Commander™, 836 Technologies is proud to announce the release of the CINT Commander II™. Developed and tested in real world situations experienced by active negotiators, this system brings vast improvements over the original CINT Commander™ and includes improved functionality with 836 Tactical Phones™. There is nothing like it.

Developed to bring out the full functionality of the 836 Tactical Phones™, the internal DSP Speakerphone inside the Tactical Phone can now be used. The Tactical phone is in constant digital communication with the CINT Commander II™, which allows for a variety of sensors (Gas sensors are currently in development as optional add-ons for all 836 Tactical Phones™).

The CINT Commander II™ makes communicating with a landline or cellular telephones quick and easy. Improved Bluetooth capabilities allow for full control and automation when using a cellular telephone. Just pair the phone and go. A new A2DP function allows the use of a remote Bluetooth speaker for monitoring the negotiations up to 60 feet (depending upon environment). The newly developed software optionally streams out the negotiations audio live to all CINT Satellite II™ users, who can now listen live to the negotiations from their laptop PCs.

The system software optionally records all calls and communications. All recordings are done inside a computer, storing the digital recordings safely on the hard drive. Each audio file is recorded and compressed (in real time) into an MP3 format, minimizing resource usage. Recordings are CRC stamped into the main log for unrivalled evidentiary authentication. Recordings can be played back by anyone during the incident, even while a new recording is being produced. No other system compares with the audio quality of the CINT Commander II™.

The computer software is the backbone of the entire CINT Commander II™ system. Once the software is installed onto a laptop computer, the scribe has the capabilities of documenting any and all events as they occur. Each entry made by the scribe is automatically time and date stamped into an ongoing log of events. This log can be instantly accessed for review and monitored in real time by the main system as well as any satellite system connected through a computer network.

All telephone activities (on hook, off hook, numbers dialed, duration of calls, and incoming calls including caller identification) are automatically logged and time stamped in the event log. The software is also capable of logging and automatically digitally recording each telephone call that is placed to, or received from, the target of the incident.

Advanced system automation allows negotiators to take advantage of auto-dialer features in landline mode. In an event where the target fails to answer the phone or a voice mail connects, the software will enable the device to continuously auto redial the target's phone and disconnect prior to the voice mail connection. The scribe has the ability to select how many times to ring the target's phone before hanging-up and redialing, and he/she can select up to a 2 minute delay between re-dials.

The CINT Commander II™ system makes evidence collection and retention easier than ever! At the conclusion of an event, the incident logs and all audio files/attachments and records can be transferred to any type of storage media (CD, DVD, memory stick, etc.), which can be booked into evidence. Additional copies of the event can also be produced and later reviewed. A folder, which is named by the case number entered, is created on the computer's hard drive. All associated event files will remain there until deleted by the user. The Event Log is saved in a common Microsoft Word © document format (.doc), which can easily be printed and serve as the scribe's completed report. The documentation can also be easily transferred (Cut & Paste) to a departmental narrative if preferred.

The system comes with two negotiator headsets and three additional headphones for the team scribe and any others who are present in the negotiations room.

This description of the CINT Commander II™ is extremely brief. We are currently working on a user manual that will describe all the features available in the CINT Commander II™ software. Once it is complete, it will be available to download from the downloads page.

Our system software has grown and will continue to grow. As it does, updates will be available for download free of charge here on our website. There are no individual licensing fees for installing our software. You can install it on as many computers as you like.

Contact us by phone at 844-239-7109 or email for further information.

We are happy to introduce our new headset. We’ve received numerous requests for a duel ear headset for use with our CINT Commanders. After a long search and a lot of testing, we are now partnered with Sigtronics, who has customized a unit for use with our equipment. These headsets, commonly used by firefighters, have the following features:

  • - Self-adjusting, pivoting ear cup assure a comfortable fit.
  • - Headset frame is hardened spring steel.
  • - Powder coated No-Glare frame and hardware.
  • - Flex microphone boom for perfect mic positioning.
  • - Microphone boom rotates 180 degrees for use on either side of head.
  • - M-81 noise-canceling electret microphone with windscreen.
  • - Ear cups are high impact ABS plastic. Super-tough and lightweight.

If your CINT Commander is equipped with a 2.5mm headset plug, we’ll provide an adaptor (pictured).