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Don't let them see you coming

The Night Ops blackout system has been helping officers catch more criminals since 2009. Our system temporarily and safely disables the brake lights on your vehicle with the touch of a button.

System Overview

The Night Ops system provides officers with the ability to safely and effectively disable the brake lights and back-up lights of their patrol vehicles without the liability concerns of other blackout switches. The system is automated and cannot be activated unless conditions are right. There is no way for the system to operate unless the driver specifically wants it to. The system can be installed into any vehicle.

Problems associated with a standard blackout switch:

Installers often insert a toggle switch to interrupt power/circuit at the brake pedal. With today's vehicles, this causes problems with the PARK interlock on the steering column, making it difficult to get the vehicle out of park when activated. It also disrupts the vehicle's computer system by not indicating when the driver is braking. This can result in a failure of the braking system.

Unfortunately, blackout systems are often left on during daylight hours, leaving day-shift officers to drive around without brake-lights. This and other liability issues led to the unfortunate downfall of blackout systems. Departments have found this valuable patrol tool as a liability, because of this many law enforcement agencies have stopped using them.

Differences between the Night Ops and a blackout switch:

The Night Ops was developed in the field by full time police officers who knew the importance of being able to temporarily disable your brake lights and backup lights when in close proximity to a crime in progress, while conducting surveillance, and while proactively searching for criminal activity. Effectiveness of the system and liability concerns were the top considerations while developing the Night Ops.

The Night Ops was field tested for several years in various environments to ensure that the system would only work during darkness. This feature is critical so that officers during the daytime do not accidentally activate the system and unknowingly drive without brake lights. Our system can only be activated when the headlights are turned off and it automatically disengages when the headlights are turned back on.

A high intensity LED switch in conjunction with audible tones indicates system status. The LED self regulates its light intensity dependent upon the outdoor lighting conditions. The LED is extremely dim during nighttime operations to prevent illuminating the interior of the patrol vehicle.

Our Night Ops system will automatically disengage if the vehicle's engine has been turned off for more than 30 seconds. The system can be manually re-activated even with the engine off in the event that the officers remain in the vehicle.

The Night Ops incorporates an axillary line which allows the system to activate or deactivate other circuits within the vehicle. Some customers have chosen to have the Night Ops activate a sneak light while deactivating the brake lights and other internal lights.

The Night Ops is designed to disrupt the lighting circuit itself and does not tie into the brake pedal, PARK interlock brake, or the vehicle's internal computer. The Night Ops cannot interfere with the vehicle's braking system. In the unlikely event of any failure, the Night Ops will default to standard lights on mode.

System Advantages

  • Allows for a tactical approach to calls.
  • Helps to apprehend more criminals.
  • Greatly reduces the risk of liability for your department.
  • Enhances Officer safety.
  • Cost effective for your entire fleet.
  • Easy to install.
  • Additional Relays allow you to engage or disable other lighting sources.
  • Universal for any vehicle.

Reduce Departmental Liability

  • System cannot be activated in daylight.
  • Automatic deactivation once the headlights are turned on.
  • Automatic deactivation 30 seconds after the engine is turned off.
  • Three intensity level LED indicator and audible alerts notify you of system status.
  • Failsafe design returns the system to normal (lights on) mode in the event of failure.
  • No risk of affecting braking performance, PARK interlock or computer communications.

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